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1 a remark that calls attention to something or someone; "she made frequent mention of her promotion"; "there was no mention of it"; "the speaker made several references to his wife" [syn: reference]
2 a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage; "the student's essay failed to list several important citations"; "the acknowledgments are usually printed at the front of a book"; "the article includes mention of similar clinical cases" [syn: citation, acknowledgment, credit, reference, quotation]
3 an official recognition of merit; "although he didn't win the prize he did get special mention" [syn: honorable mention]


1 make reference to; "His name was mentioned in connection with the invention" [syn: advert, bring up, cite, name, refer]
2 make mention of; "She observed that his presentation took up too much time"; "They noted that it was a fine day to go sailing" [syn: note, observe, remark]
3 commend; "he was cited for his outstanding achievements" [syn: cite]

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  1. A speaking or notice of anything, usually in a brief or cursory manner. Used especially in the phrase to make mention of.


A speaking or notice of anything, usually in a brief or cursory manner. Used especially in the phrase to make mention of.


  1. To speak of something.


To speak of something

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Parthian shot, accolade, account, acknowledge, acquaint, acquaintance, address, address to, adduce, advert, advertise, advertise of, advise, affirmation, allegation, allude, allude to, allusion, animadvert on, announcement, answer, apostrophe, apprise, assertion, assign, averment, blue book, blurt, blurt out, brief, briefing, bring in, bring to attention, bring to notice, bring up, bring word, broach, bulletin, call attention to, citation, cite, comment, communicate, communication, communique, crack, data, datum, declaration, denominate, designate, detail, determine, dictum, direct attention to, direct to, directory, disclose, dispatch, divulge, enlighten, enlightenment, eulogy, evidence, exclaim, exclamation, expression, facts, factual information, familiarization, familiarize, fix, focus on, gen, general information, give notice, give the facts, give word, greeting, guidebook, handout, hard information, hint at, honorable mention, impart, imply, incidental information, indicate, info, inform, information, insinuate, instance, instruct, instruction, intelligence, interject, interjection, intimate, introduce, knowledge, kudos, leave word, let drop, let fall, let know, light, make known, make reference to, mark, mention to, mentioning, message, muse, name, naming, note, notice, notification, notify, observation, observe, opine, phrase, pick out, pin down, point at, point out, point to, position, praise, presentation, promotional material, pronouncement, proof, publication, publicity, question, quote, recognition, refer, refer to, reference, referral, reflect, reflection, release, remark, report, reveal, say, saying, select, send word, sentence, serve notice, set, sidelight, signify, slight, speak, specialize, specify, state, statement, stipulate, subjoinder, suggest, tell, the dope, the goods, the know, the scoop, thought, touch on, touch upon, transmission, tribute, utterance, verse, white book, white paper, word
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